“Solamente Vos” Backstage

14 jun

Happy Birthday!

19 may

“Solamente Vos” backstage

18 abr

Cóndor Awards

13 mar

A few hours ago the nominees were announced for the 2013 Condor Awards who will deliver awards from the Film Critics Association of Argentina on June 10 at Teatro Avenida. Natalia is nominated for “Best Actress” with Dolores Fonzi, Celeste Cid, Martina Gusman and Julieta Diaz while “Infancia Clandestina” will compete in the category “Best Film”, with “El último Elvis”, ” Elefante blanco “, “Días de pesca” and ” El amigo alemán”.

In addition, the film directed by Benjamin Avila earned the following nominations:

BEST DIRECTOR: Benjamin Avila.
BEST ACTOR: Ernesto Alterio.
ACTOR: César Troncoso.
Breakthrough Male: Teo Gutierrez Moreno.
Best Original Screenplay: Infancia Clandestina (Benjamin Avila and Marcelo Muller)
Best Editing: Infancia Clandestina (Gustavo Giani).
BEST ART DIRECTION: Infancia Clandestina (Yamila Fontan).
BEST SOUND: Infancia Clandestina (Fernando Soldevila).
BEST COSTUME DESIGN: Infancia Clandestina (Ludmila Fincic).

Natalia sang with Miranda

10 mar

After her last performance in Russia, Natalia returned to the City stages. She was a guest on the show that the group Miranda gave yesterday at the Opera Theatre. Stormed the stage to the beat of ” Tu veneno ” and later accompanied Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas on ” Tucán “. She finally retired from the stage while the audience applauded.

The second season of Lynch begins

7 mar

After the success of the first season, Moviecity premieres “Lynch, salvation is not free.” This second season, which will air starting in April, will feature the same main cast headed by Natalia, Jorge and Alejandro Calva Perugorría, but also appearing will be Raul Taibo who plays a key character in the story of Elizabeth and her husband Jerome Lynch.
This second installment, which will have more action than the first, will have members of this family working for the good and the bad. Moreover, in order to do that, will have to organize the most sophisticated techniques to avoid being caught by the police or chasing them, much less by the villains to fool.

Wakolda’s premiere

30 ene


Disney, official distributor of the film “Wakolda” reported today that the film starring Natalia will be premiering August 29th in Argentina.
Based on the book by Lucia Puenzo who is also director of the film which is set in the year 1959, when a German doctor meets a family in Argentina, a most desolate region of Patagonia. The traveler is none other than the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. This family relives it all obsessions related to purity and perfection. Especially Lilith, a teenager with a body too small for her age. The fascination is mutual: Lilith also intrigued by this stranger, who will become the first guest of the family inn that opens in Bariloche.

Solamente Vos´presentation

17 ene

This night was held the presentation of “Solamente Vos”, the new tv show Adrian Suar will star alongside Natalia and will air next Monday at 21:30 on Channel 13. Natalia was very happy with the new project which she defined as a sweet comedy. After “Sos mi vida” she returns to television to play Aurora Andres, a hairdresser whose life will cross with John Cousteau, when he moves into the same building.

Aurora is Felix’s (Minujín) lover. She lives in an apartment that he has paid the rent for but which is actually for his wife. Although shown as a woman and temperamental character, she wants to be a mother and have a family but never chooses the right man. From the beginning she has feelings for John (Suar) but his relationship with Felix prevents anything from happening, at least for now. They will however generate a connection to the five children of her new neighbor little by little.

“Solamente Vos”

7 ene

In January, the world premiere of “Solamente Vos” will come to the screen on Channel 13. There, Natalia will be Aurora Andrés, a hairdresser whose life will cross with John Cousteau (Adrián Suar) who after a marital crisis, moved into her building. Also part of the cast: Ana María Picchio, Arturo Puig, Claudia Fontan, Muriel Santa Ana, Juan Minujín, Alberto Martín, China Eugenia Suarez and Mariana Lali Esposito.

Natalia Rusia

Naty won a Premio Sur for her role in “Infancia Clandestina”

4 dic

A few hours ago Natalia won the award for “Best actress” at the “Premios Sur” for her role in “Clandestine children”. Additionally, Benjamin Avila won the award for “Best Director” and the movie was chosen as “Best film”. Thus was demonstrated to be biggest winner of the night with ten statuettes, followed by “The last Elvis” and “Las Acacias”.

Other awards won by “Infancia Clandestina”:
Best sound (tied together with the last Elvis).
Supporting Actress for Cristina Banegas.
Best editing to Gustavo Giani.
Best supporting actor to César Troncoso.
Best costume in charge of Ludmila Fincic.
Best original screenplay for Benjamin Avila and Marcelo Muller.
Best actor for Ernesto Alterio

Natalia Rusia